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Hidden in the corner of a humble village of Svay Dangkum, The Green Corner is a secluded retreat that offers a private experience away from the bustling night markets and busy streets nearby.

It is a short 10 minutes walk from the famous Pubstreet and Night Markets. It takes a 10-15 minutes drive to reach Siem Reap’s heritage site such as the famed Angkor Wat and other prominent temples. In addition, the property offers a one way transportation services to or from the airport and around town.

Every turn of every corner reveals in-depth and meticulous design, aim to intrigue and attract guests. What sets The Green Corner apart from the rest of the surrounding hotel is the serenity and complexity of the seven individual rooms; personally designed by the very owner of The Green Corner with the comfort and satisfaction of precious guests in mind. The intricately designed rooms feature wooden flooring, Khmer’s postmodern furnishings and antiques, air-conditioning, access to WIFI and depending on where the guests are staying, the rooms offer a perfect view of the tropical pool, sidebar and the surrounding village.

Guests can enjoy international and khmer cuisines as well as all varieties of beverages at The Green Corner’s restaurant from 7am to 9pm.

The Green Corner offers traditional massage, sunbathing area, a swimming pool surrounded by tropical plants and a sunset bar that overlooks the village; a brief glimpse into the rural Cambodian lives and an explicit view of the setting sun, as the name of the bar suggests; in addition to an immersing star gazing experience that would have otherwise been obstructed by city lights in other parts of the city.

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